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There are few things in life that we, as a species, are able to point to and say, without reservation, were instrumental in creating significant changes in our brief experience on this planet. For those of us who were fortunate enough to discover the sheer joy of knowing and performing music in any form or fashion, there is a life-long connection between the instruments we use to produce that music and the deepest, most inner part of our being. Along with that comes the human bonding with our fellow musicians with whom we shared that experience, one that undoubtedly influenced and changed our lives forever.

These are the stories of one unique group of individuals who shared the experience of playing together in rock bands from the beginning of the crudest form of the art beginning in the early 1960’s, moving through the famed “British Invasion”, and culminating today in the continuing pursuit of the music of that era and beyond.

These are also the personal histories of that certain group of young students who came together at the University of Florida during the 1960’s just when the raw power of playing music through amplifiers used to distort, enhance and reverberate the sounds of the music that they produced was coming of age, both artistically and technologically. Their stories are told in their own words and pictures along with the music that was recorded at various times during their musical careers. The members of the band, first called The Playboys and then later, The Rare Breed, have taken the time to memorialize some of the events that surrounded them during their musical experiences and have placed them here for everyone to enjoy. The core band members consist of Jim García (guitar and vocals), Bill Carter (lead guitar and vocals), Frank Birdsong (guitar and vocals), Randy McDaniel (bass and vocals), Lin Thoms (deceased) (drums- The Playboys), Paul MacArthur (drums and percussions- The Rare Breed), Ron Gause (keyboards and vocals) and Bryan Grigsby (keyboards and saxophone). They were joined at various times by other musicians and vocalists, and each have played in numerous other bands since that idyllic time in the 1960’s when they performed in the wild and crazy venues prolific in and around Gainesville, Florida during that time. But the main group has maintained contact all the way back from their days at U of F, through their diverse career paths, to their enjoyment of their retirement years and still are fast friends, inseparably bonded by their common love of that Old Time Rock and Roll. Even in the sunset of their years, they still pursue music with the same passion and zeal that existed in those early years and still have the same little boy inside that craves to get out and perform just as before. They have truly discovered the elixir of eternal Youth through their music. Herein are presented their musical biographies for your amusement and enjoyment.


The Rare Breed



Jim L. García
Bill Carter
Frank Birdsong
Randy McDaniel
Paul McArthur
Ron Gause

Phil Haskins